History of Our Logo

In this part we will explain the story behind our logo.

Jumpsweat®, represents a perfect combination of energy, mobility together with feeling cozy and relaxation.

JS’ desire is that you would go beyond the clichés and makes you fell exclusive comfort and positive energy…

Get into Jumpsweat®!

In your special times, you deserve cozyness and airiness.

For the vivacious ones we serve special collection of Jumpsweat®.

It’s time to move on!

The jumping hero in our logo, is formed by combination of J and S letters.

You can figure out J letter when you focus on the curvy line starting from left arm hand till the right foot; while S is formed by along with a non-straight line starting from left foot till the right hand direction.

The head of the hero is representing the wind that we feel when we are jumping.

Jumpsweat® welcomes you with a great excitement!

Better this way™!

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